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Intelligence in Nature: Chimps vs. Humans

I escaped to a remote mountain cabin (1900bps on the modem) for a few days. The human intelligence represented by civilization’s progress was getting to be too much for me….

Intelligence in Nature – "Clever Ravens"

The intelligence required to perceive the world as if we were standing in the shoes of another is not only a indication of emotional intelligence in humans, our future may…

Enhancing Resiliency Through Nature: Part 1

Spending time in natural settings is clearly a life-affirming path to strengthening our resilience. Research confirms that as little as 15 or 20 minutes a day can make a significant difference in your life, not only in your sense of vitality but also in your social intelligence. Consider what two, three or more days in a wild setting might do!

Our Hunger for Nature

The theme this year for both events is, Aspen’s Ancient Wisdom: An Inquiry Into The Heart of Resiliency. We’ll weave a provocative and inspiring poetic tapestry in both events, speaking the languages of poetry, ecology, biology, resiliency science, psychology, mythology and just a dash of quantum physics for spice.

Wild Resiliency blog 2010 in review and looking ahead

OK, I’ve hesitated to post the 2010 year in review provided for this blog by, being the kind of guy who can shy away from attention…and I’ve decided to share it. In part so I can find it again for my own analysis, and I’m happy they give the blog a ‘Wow’ score. It’s higher than I’d give it so I”m looking ahead and thinking of directions and future posts and…