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Forbidden Knowledge and the Aspen-Body

Western man is trained to see himself as an individual; his manhood is contingent upon an ability to make his way in the world. A stiff upper lip, a chest…

Loneliness & Presence: What the Aspen Know

There is an interesting recent post over at the biosingularity blog site titled, Loneliness is Bad for Your Health, where they report on an article in the August issue of…

A Matter of Perspective – Part II

One of the points I will be making in a free Friday (January 10) tele-conference on Aspen Body Wisdom is that our change-hardiness and learning-agility are hinged to our capacity…

Intelligence in Nature: Chimps vs. Humans

I escaped to a remote mountain cabin (1900bps on the modem) for a few days. The human intelligence represented by civilization’s progress was getting to be too much for me….

Self-Love: A Radical Political Act

This Self seeking birth is, I believe, the experience and knowledge of our Wholeness. We are not separate. We belong. To gift our selves with such love as this? This is the most radical political or spiritual act any of us can commit!