Touched by Nature Video

Notice the faces in the video below! What you will see is an uncommon aliveness. This spirit of celebrating life and of ‘coming alive’ is a gift the video will touch you with.

Our work with an international clientele from the Sangre de Cristo Renewal Center for twenty years is a gift to us. Unfortunately, they closed their doors in 2012 and we’ve had to revision our own business.

Our standard offering with the Sangre Center was a three-day “Wilderness Renewal Retreat Weekend.” Twice a year, this consisted of a half-day spent rappelling (or not—for courageous souls choosing the activity was not for them), a group base camp and introductions to requisite skills and preparations for a twenty-four hour ‘solo’ camp experience that began the next morning after breakfast. A hearty feast and processing and celebration brought the weekend to a close. A followup processing event further enhanced participants growth from the experience.

Most of the wilderness retreat participants, international and many from third world countries, had never camped out, let spent a night in a tent under the stars by themselves. In a camp site of their own choosing, they experienced all the imaginable fears and desires and hopes and… courage the human heart is capable of too.

This video is a tribute to those inspiring and courageous souls who chose the risk of becoming more alive, and to the Wild Resiliency staff who supported this amazing project all these years. Thank you… and please feel free to reconnect with us should you be one of our graduates or be interested in such an experience for yourself or your group.


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